Members Code of Practice

1. Members of MACP will engage in sufficient training, education or skills development to enable them to keep pace with current market technologies, in order to maintain a satisfactory level of repairs and service to the industry.

2. Members are responsible for upholding the professional integrity and Code of Practice of the MACP Association and will avoid any conduct that may deemed to bring discredit to MACP and its membership and the air conditioning industry.

3. Members will act with honesty, fairness and professional courtesy in all dealings with the public, suppliers, trade customers, other MACP members and fellow technicians.

4. Members will apply best work practices, as set out in relevant MACP approved technical resources and industry codes of practice and will promote the use of approved and recommended parts, equipment and consumables in all repairs and maintenance.

5. Members will endeavour to educate the public on the long term value of using Approved Replacement Parts.

6. Members will discharge their responsibility to their employees by observing all laws and collective and individual employment contracts or agreements, within their country. Members will provide technical training, support and instruction to enable their employees to be productive and efficient, capable of contributing positively to the welfare of the air conditioning industry.

7. Members will provide adequate working conditions, equipment and facilities, and ensure proper supervision of all safety standards and work practices are in place.

8. Members will take the time to educate customers on the need for proper maintenance of specific vehicle systems and make available relevant brochures or cutaway parts, to promote a better understanding of the need for scheduled maintenance.

9. Members will take responsibility for their own workshop practices and be prepared to guarantee that their practices, and the parts or equipment they fit in any repair, will provide trouble free operation when used in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.

10. Members will adopt open and readily understood warranty practices, as an integral part of their business operations

11. Members will refrain from criticising the actions of fellow members, and vow to strengthen the Association through sharing of technical information and skills and offering assistance to fellow Members, where appropriate.

12. Members will be environmentally responsible, ensuring compliance with environmental and energy efficiency guidelines or EU regulations.

Issued by the board of directors of MACPartners.

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